How To Hang Paper Flowers (without damaging the wall)

How to hang paper flowers

One of the most common questions I get asked almost every day is how to hang paper flowers on the wall. And I understand why?. Once you’ve made all the beautiful flowers that I teach you, you obviously want to securely hang them, and preferably not damage your wall. And “not damage the wall” is […]

Paper Dahlia Tutorial (with free templates)

Dahlia is such a beautiful flower. And there is a huge variety of all kinds of dahlias in nature. But if you make a search for something like “paper dahlia” or “diy dahlia flower”, chances are you’ll just find a bunch of very similar tutorials where you have to cut many identical paper squares, then curl […]

Large paper flower tutorial DIY

easy paper flower tutorial

This simple but extremely cute flower can perfectly complement any paper flower composition or even become the main flower of the whole backdrop. It looks so elegant and lovely, and also very easy and quick to make. And the best thing is that along with this paper flower tutorial, I have prepared free templates for you […]