Hey there!

I’m Oksana and my obsession is paper flowers.

As the owner and founder of FancyBloom, I wear many different hats. I’m a paper artist, designer, photographer, blogger, teacher and product maker, but to summarize, I would say that I am just a creator.

Oksana FancyBloom
Oksana FancyBloom

Being a perfectionist to the core (yes, this thing I have isn’t always a curse ;-)), I believe that the small details DO MATTER and make a big difference. So I love to scrupulously design new flowers, templates, tutorials and techniques, and this is what makes me happy. 

My biggest hope is that along with me and my creations, you will be inspired in your own craft journey, and my mission is to help others by sharing my best experience and knowledge in paper flower making.


I am a Siberian girl (Siberia is a large part of Russia. And no, this is not the extreme North ;-), this is a central-eastern part of Russia, where all 4 seasons are fully present.) who, at the age of 21, came to America with my two best friends and big dreams.

I was a fresh graduate of an economic University with a degree in accounting. But after five years of education, I realized that accounting is definitely not what I want to do in my life. So, I didn’t work a day in my specialty.

I didn’t speak English at the time and didn’t have any connections in the US at all, so the first couple of years were really tough.

But I have always had a desperate desire to get paid for my creativity and art, and have freedom from corporate jobs. So I tried and experimented a lot, and at the end of 2016 I started my business under the name FancyBloom💕.

It wasn’t a smooth path...

Usually family members and close friends are skeptical of any craft/hobby business ideas and gently suggest thinking about something more “serious” and finding a “normal” job. So every time I started a new project, deep inside I had doubts and fear of failing.

Each time, I had to go through painful conversations with my family, trying to convince them that my creative ideas were worth trying and that I could eventually make money from it.

Can you relate?

If yes, I want to cheer you up!

Oksana FancyBloom

The world needs creative people!

So no matter how much you feel like, please know that you’re a major contributor to this planet as much as everyone else.

If you have that passion inside, let go of negative beliefs and don’t let anyone to stop you from being the wonderful, creative person You are.

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