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FancyBloom's Сommercial License can be used for:

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Any resale/sublicense of the Licensed Asset in source file form or otherwise competitive with the Licensed Asset is prohibited!

Questions? Ask away!

What happens after I purchase a Commercial license?

Starting from the moment of purchase, you can begin to carry out commercial activities that comply with the terms of the Commercial license. Within next 24-48 hours, I will prepare your personalized license and email it to you so you can have it for your record.

How long is a Commercial license valid for? Do I need to renew it?

The license will be valid for three years from the date of purchase.

I don’t want to pressure you into buying a license every year, but at the same time, I want only those who are actually in the business to have active licenses. Therefore I think that 3 years is the optimal period for this license to be valid.

When it expires, I will send you a reminder so you can renew it and continue running your business.

Are any templates included with the license purchase?

No, a Commercial license is purchased separately and doesn’t come with any templates. However, I will be happy to offer you a 20% discount on any templates when you purchase along with a license (first order only). Please send me a message at [email protected] or via the contact form here – “Hi Oksana! I would like to get a discount on the templates that I added to the cart along with the Commercial license. What’s the coupon code?”

What are the benefits of being a license holder?

✿ The main benefit of having this license is that, for a very small fee, you can sell and promote your works with peace of mind and not worry about copyright infringement

✿ While your license is valid, it applies to all templates available on the fancybloom.net, including those released in the future.

✿ I will give you my support and cooperation as much as I can! You can be featured to my email list subscribers (35,000+ current subscribers), featured on my blog, and on my social medias. Let’s think of something together!

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