FancyBloom License

FancyBloom Licenses

To make it easy to license digital assets appropriately for your project, FancyBloom designed two licensing options that you can choose from to do the right thing.



The licensed asset can appear in non-commercial project

Licensee   –   Individual

Number of Users   –   Single User

Non-Commercial (Personal) Use – Permitted

Commercial Use – Not Permitted

Can be used for:

Cannot be used for:


The licensed asset can appear in end products for sale

Licensee   –   Individual or Legal Entity (Company), as indicated at the time of purchase.

Number of Users   –   The number of permitted users declared and paid for at the time of purchase.

Commercial Use   –   Physical End Products

Can be used for:

Cannot be used for:

Any resale/sublicense of the Licensed Asset in source file form or otherwise competitive with the Licensed Asset is prohibited!

An End Product is a product you will create from the asset(s) you purchased on FancyBloom.

Commercial Use is any use:

  • that involves an exchange of money or other consideration
  • that promotes a business (e.g., sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership), product, or service
  • where financial gain or other consideration is either sought or a result, directly or indirectly, of Licensee’s use of the Licensed Asset.

If one or more of the above is true, the use is “Commercial”.

Personal use is a use that is only for personal purposes. If the use meets one or more of the “commercial” bullet points above, it qualifies as “Commercial” use.

  • Use the Licensed Asset for commercial purposes under the “Commercial” license
  • Use the asset for non-commercial, personal activities with both license types
  • Resell or sub-license the Licensed Asset in a way that is directly competitive with it
  • Resell any modification of the asset on its own
  • Make the asset public or share the asset in any way that allows others to download, extract, or redistribute it as a standalone file
  • Falsely represent authorship and/or ownership of the Licensed Asset
  • Any other use that is not expressly permitted in the license terms is strictly prohibited

Looking for more details? View the full Personal or Commercial license terms.

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