FancyBloom Commercial License

What's Included

Turn your hobby into your business!


The main benefits of being a license holder

✓ Sell and promote your works with peace of mind and don’t worry about copyright infringement.

✓ While your license is valid, it applies to all templates available on the, including those released in the future.

✓ Get my support and cooperation. You can be featured to my mailing list subscribers, featured on my blog and on my social media. Let’s think of something together!

License type – Personal  (what’s this?)




FancyBloom’s Commercial License can be used for:

✓ Physical End Products For Sale

✓ Social media business accounts owned and managed by the licensee that represent the same (one) business.

✓ One website owned and managed by the licensee

✓ Unlimited physical advertisements for local markets

✓ Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impression


After purchasing a Commercial license, you can begin to carry out commercial activities that comply with the terms of the Commercial license. Within next 24-48 hours, I will prepare your personalized license and email it to you so you can have it for your record.



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Here's what you will get

Unique Templates

My templates are always unique and proprietary. So I carefully design each flower to look balanced and realistic, yet to be easy to make. My style aesthetic is modern and fancy.

Attention to Details

Don’t guess how much to cut or overlap and where to glue. I’ve taken care of all these small details in my templates so that you always get the same perfect result.

Video Tutorial

In addition to the templates, you get a step-by-step video tutorial (straight to the point and professionally edited) with my detailed explanations. Get to know my teaching style here.

My support

I’m here to support you. Send me a message and I’ll respond within 48 hours or less.