How To Hang Paper Flowers (without damaging the wall)

How to hang paper flowers

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How To Hang Paper Flowers On Wall

One of the most common questions I get asked almost every day is how to hang paper flowers on the wall. And I understand why🙌.

Once you’ve made all the beautiful flowers that I teach you, you obviously want to securely hang them, and preferably not damage your wall.

And “not damage the wall” is the keyword here, because flowers can be hung, for example, on nails. But who needs extra holes in the wall? That’s right, nobody needs it!

So there are many different ways to attach flowers to the wall, much more than I’ll tell you today. But I wanna teach you how I personally do it, and show you my favorite ways.

How to stick paper flowers on wall without damaging

1. How to hang large and heavy paper flowers

So today I want to hang up my new summer paper flower set which consists of flowers of different weights and sizes, and I will use different ways to hang them.

I always start with the largest flowers.

In my case, the 2 largest flowers in the set are sunflowers. One is larger and the other one is slightly smaller.

2 large sunflowers

For large and heavy flowers, I always use Command hooks. They come in a variety of sizes, but most of the time I use these little hooks called decorating or mini light clips. And there are also these larger hooks that can hold more weight.

Small and large hooks

Look, my signature sunflowers are not heavy because I deliberately designed the center to be light and not bulky. So despite the large size it’s quite light that I can use a small hook for it.

But let’s pretend this flower is heavier. For example, I made a heavy center, or I used more petals and more paper, and I need to make sure that it will hold firmly on the wall. In that case, I would certainly use a large hook.


Paper flower eyelet tip

I’ve already made an eyelet at the flower base. You can make this eyelet from paper, ribbon, rope (like me), from wire – it doesn’t really matter what it’s made of.

But what’s matter is try to not make this loop too large. It should be tight so that the flower does not dangle on the hook, and does not sag forward, but fits snugly against the wall. So this loop should be tight.

We want the flower to hang absolutely straight and not lean forward. This is a small but important tip, and it is best to pay attention to it beforehand.

So first I always try on the flower on the place where I want to attach it, I look where I need to place the hook, and then I glue the hook.

My second sunflower is a little smaller, so I will hang it already on a small hook.

How to hang paper flowers

One more large flower in my set is a fluffy blue chrysanthemum. It’s also not heavy, because it’s made of very lightweight paper, so I will also hang it on a small hook.

2. How to hang small and lightweight paper flowers

When I hung the largest flowers, I’m moving on to the smaller ones.

And my next flower is this cute daisy. 

Paper daisy

Of course, I can also hang it on a hook, but since it’s already quite light and small, I prefer a different method.

So for medium and small lightweight flowers I use magnets and sticky tack.

Look, despite all the advantages of hooks, magnets are more convenient. 

Because if you make a mistake and attach the hook to the wrong place, you will have to remove it and then use a new hook again, which means you don’t have a chance for mistake. While the magnet and sticky tack can be easily moved around. So it’s very convenient.

Generally there are two types of magnets on the market – ferrite and neodymium.

Ferrite vs neodymium

Neodymium magnets

Neodymium magnets are very strong, stronger than ferrite magnets, but they are often smaller, meaning their surface area is also smaller.

The surface area is important in this case because we will attach the magnet to the wall with sticky tack. And no matter how strong the magnets are, we still cannot hang a heavy flower because the sticky tack will not hold it. I hope that makes sense.

Of course, you can use neodymium magnets too. They are strong and can hold very heavy flowers, but you will need to attach them to the wall with something more durable than sticky tack.

Ceramic magnets

So most often, I use ferrite magnets because, firstly, they are a little cheaper, and secondly, their surface area is larger.

I also use neodymium magnets for very small flowers—I’ll show you that later.

How to hang paper flowers

Okay, to attach my daisy, I glued the first magnet to its base with hot glue.

I try it on where I want to attach it and look for the best placement for the magnet.

Then, I determine which side of the magnet should attach to the wall and which side to the flower. Afterward, I secure it firmly with sticky tack to the wall.

If I make a mistake or want to move the flower to another place, I can do so very easily and quickly. That’s why magnets are my favorite!

How to hang paper flowers

My next flowers are 3 garden roses – one is larger, and the other two a little smaller.

I will also attach them with magnets.

How to hang paper flowers

The last flowers I have left to attach are little blue daisies.

Such small and light flowers can be simply attached with only sticky tack, and rest assured, they will hold perfectly.

But keep in mind that my daisies have a flat center, so I can easily press them down and stick the tack well to the wall.

How to hang paper flowers

But other flowers don’t always have a flat center; sometimes, they have a full and fluffy center that you cannot press on. So you will not be able to stick the blue tack well to the wall; otherwise, you can crush the flower.

In such cases, I use tiny neodymium magnets; they are very small and compact, so it’s very convenient.

How to hang paper flowers

3. How to attach paper leaves to a wall

When I attached all my flowers, it only remains to attach the leaves. 

And everything is very simple here, you will only need a sticky tack for this, nothing else.

How to hang paper flowers

A few words about the sticky tack.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of sticky tack you use; they are all about the same. I’m just always looking for a good deal and buying a lot of packs, so it’s cheaper. That’s it.

The only thing you should pay attention to is to make sure that the sticky tack is not too soft; otherwise, it does not hold well.

How to hang paper flowers

So to attach the leaves, I make very small peas of sticky tack (you only need a few peas for each branch).

And I attach them only by the stem so the leaves themselves hang freely, creating volume (they’re not pressed against the wall, and they’re not flat). Because I like a realistic and 3D effect.

How to hang paper flowers

My set is ready!

I’ve shared with you all my secrets, tips and tricks on how to hang paper flowers securely without damaging the walls. So I really hope this was helpful!

If you’d like to recreate this set, you can do so with my free and paid paper flowers templates:

How to stick paper flower on wall

Paper used for this set:

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