Large paper flower tutorial DIY

easy paper flower tutorial

This simple but extremely cute flower can perfectly complement any paper flower composition or even become the main flower of the whole backdrop. It looks so elegant and lovely, and also very easy and quick to make.

And the best thing is that along with this paper flower tutorial, I have prepared free templates for you that you can

So, if you want to see how I make it, let’s start the paper flower tutorial!

First of all, we need to cut out and prepare the petals. I use a cutting machine, but you can also cut everything by hand with regular scissors. This will be easy enough because these petals have very simple shapes.

But if you do so, use sharp scissors and try to cut very smoothly so the edges of the petals will be clean and neat, because remember that these small details affect the appearance of the whole flower.

cutting machine Brother

We only need 5 petals #1 and 5 petals #2. And you will also cut out the center piece and 2 bases that are included in the template.

For this particular flower it’s better to use thicker paper because the flower is pretty large and there are not many petals in it, so we need the petals to be kind of sturdy and not flimsy. So I recommend using cardstock paper with a weight of 65 lb and more.

Large paper flower tutorial

Ok, we need to curl our petals first. My students already know that I prefer to do this by pressing and pulling the paper against the edge of my table, but you can do it however you like. For example, I know that some artists like to use a bone folder. You can also use a glue stick or any round pen or marker to curl it, so it really depends on which one is more comfortable for you.

Paper flower tutorial
Curling petals for paper flower

So once you curl the petals, let’s glue them to make them not flat. 

When making this paper flower tutorial, I made sure that the templates are really handy and easy-to-use, so I made a dashed line mark on the petal that shows how much you need to overlap and where to glue. 

And like this, I prepare all my petals.

Preparing paper flower petals
paper flower petals

Ok, I prepared all my petals, so let’s start to assemble the flower. 

I take a round base, and again you can see that I marked the pentagon for you with a dashed line in the center, so you will always glue all the petals evenly and at the right distance.

Paper flower base

Always remember that the first petal in the round cannot be glued by the entire edge. Because the last petal in the round must always go under the first one. But starting from the second petal, I glue it with the entire edge, as usual.

Gluing paper flower petals
Paper flower tutorial

Okay, our first round is ready. Now let’s glue the second round separately. 

Paper flower base
diy paper flower

Now when both rounds are ready I like to see how I want to glue them together. 

Usually every next round of petals is glued right between the petals of the previous round, in staggered order. 

But these particular petals have a wavy shape. 

And if I do this here, the wave in the middle of the second-row petals would match right with the space between the first-row petals. So I like to rotate it a little bit and cover these gaps.

Try and see how you like it better, and then glue it.

Paper flower tutorial

It’s only left to add the center. 

And a fairly common mistake that I see other paper flower artists make, they just cut the center and then glue it, without doing anything with it.

But just by shaping it really simply, you can make it way more pretty than just glue it as it is.

So I like to curl the stamens just a little bit outward and then I also slightly bend them inward.

Paper flower center tutorial
Large paper flower

I think this is a really pretty flower with beautiful smooth lines and shapes. I hope you will also try to make it using my templates and paper flower tutorial.

diy paper flower

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